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Breath, Meditation, and Mindfulness

A Powerful Approach to Stress Reduction

Create a lifestyle which allows you to live in the moment with serenity, clarity and pleasure! Begin by participating in a powerful all-day stress reduction workshop.

With many of us living and working at a hectic 24/7 pace, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives, robbing us of energy and leaving us feeling anxious and depleted. We invite you to learn simple, yet powerful ways to create and restore a healthier balance in your life.

Learn how to
  • Employ breathing and meditation exercises to promote relaxation
  • Restore your emotional and physical balance
  • Begin letting go of worry and over-thinking
  • Recognize warning signs of stress
  • Respond creatively to stress
  • Learn how to say... maybe
About this workshop

This workshop is designed to get you started with life-affirming and energizing practices. Our user-friendly program will teach you some easy, basic exercises and attitudes such as patience, not judging, acceptance, and letting go. When practiced regularly these approaches will help you develop skills, which promote greater awareness, resilience, clarity, and serenity.

Contact us for more information about our upcoming workshop:

Our next workshop will be held Spring 2019 at the Wilmington/Christiana Hilton, Newark, DE. Contact us at (302) 477-0708 ext. 6 to register or for more information.

Research suggests that stress reduction techniques including:

  • meditation
  • breath work
  • relaxation


  • calm
  • focus
  • resilience
  • health and healing
  • interpersonal connection
  • a sense of peace.
Presented by:

This workshop is presented by Kris Bronson, Ph.D. and Rachel Daltry, Psy.D.

Kris Bronson, Ph.D.

Kris is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Wilmington, DE where she provides counseling and psychotherapy for adults and adolescents and facilitates work-shops on career planning, stress reduction, and more. Kris is a member of Alliance Counseling: A Network of Independent Practitioners.

Rachel Daltry, Psy.D.

Rachel is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Wilmington, DE and also at West Chester University’s Counseling Center in West Chester, PA. She provides counseling and psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, and facilitates workshops and professional presentations locally and nationally. More about Rachel at her practice website

Kris and Rachel also present on site at schools, companies and other organizations. We are happy to adapt this workshop to the specific needs of your organization. Please contact us at (302) 477-0708 ext. 6 for more information.

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