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Lisa Burroughs, Psy.D.

Lisa Burroughs, Psy.D., is a Delaware Licensed Psychologist experienced in treating mood and anxiety disorders in adults and older adolescents. She specializes in trauma-related anxiety, complex trauma, military combat and sexual trauma. She is available to see adults and older adolescents. Notably, she is uniquely qualified to treat military and veteran families and civilians who have recently separated from the military and are experiencing stress due to reintegration.

In her work with clients, she uses a psychodynamic approach, considering family history and relationships while applying cognitive behavioral interventions such as Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Cognitive Processing Therapy to treat and manage symptoms. The combination of these approaches allows her to think comprehensively about her clients lives and challenges. She utilizes a broad array of evidence-based interventions to manage symptoms and reduce suffering. She is warm, empathetic and collaborative. She has a deep belief that every person possesses the power of self-healing, and she approaches therapy as an opportunity to guide each individual toward his or her own truth.

Dr. Burroughs received her doctoral degree from Argosy University in 2010. She completed her internship at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. She served as Chief of Psychology Services, in Behavioral Health, at US Army MEDDAC, Fort Drum, NY and at the Wilmington VA Medical Center, Wilmington, DE. Dr. Burroughs is a member of the Delaware Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.

For more information call (302) 454-8010 ext. 6.

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Jennifer Lyons, L.C.S.W

In practice since 1998, Jennifer Lyons, L.C.S.W. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who empowers individuals struggling with various life challenges to uncover their own highest potential. Her warm, deeply respectful and constructive approach emphasizes the uniqueness of every person, focusing on their inherent strengths and innate abilities to create greater satisfaction in their lives. Trained in many evidence-based approaches including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Imago Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), she is also a certified Gestalt Therapist. Jennifer approaches the therapeutic process from a holistic perspective, using the individual’s emotional, cognitive, spiritual and environmental resources to generate true healing and greater harmony.

Jennifer specializes in working with:

For more information call (302) 454-8010 ext. 7

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Linda Santoro, R.N., Ph.D.

Linda Santoro, R.N., Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, provides individual, couples and family therapy to teenagers and adults. She has specialized EMDR training in recovery from trauma and loss. Additional areas of expertise and interest include eating disorders, chemical dependency, reproductive health concerns (infertility, pregnancy loss), and coping with chronic and terminal illness. Drawing from her clinical experience as a nurse, she approaches healing from a holistic perspective. Linda encourages individuals and families to mobilize their personal, spiritual, interpersonal, and environmental resources to cope more adaptively with life's challenges.

Linda specializes in:

For more information call (302) 454-8010 ext. 2.

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Kris Bronson, Ph.D.

Kris Bronson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, provides individual and group counseling and psychotherapy and facilitates career planning workshops and stress reduction workshops. Kris works with clients across the lifespan including teenagers, adults, and older adults in the areas of relationships, anxiety, depression, career choice, career change, coping with stress, and eating disorders. In addition, having experience on college campuses, she is skilled in working with the personal, educational, and career concerns of college students. Kris believes that a strong working relationship between therapist and client is essential. Her therapeutic style is warm, genuine, and collaborative.

Kris also provides organizational consulting and training on a variety of topics, using a style that is goal-oriented, supportive, and collaborative. She presents locally, nationally, and internationally on topics including mindfulness, stress reduction, counselor training, career development, multicultural diversity, and workplace change. Most recently Kris co-facilitated “Mindfulness for Our Clients and Ourselves: Concepts, Benefits and Practices,” a continuing education workshop sponsored by The Delaware Psychological Association.

In all of her work, Kris emphasizes strength, empowerment, creativity, and coping.

Kris specializes in:

Kris in the news:

For more information call (302) 477-0708 ext. 4.

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Leslie Connor, Ph.D.

In practice since 1992, Leslie Connor, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, works with adults of all ages on a broad range of concerns including anxiety, depression and relationships. Through her years of work on college campuses, she also has experience working with graduate and undergraduate students and older teens. She uses a variety of therapeutic perspectives including cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic and interpersonal.

Leslie offers a combination of focused listening and thoughtful direction as she helps clients to face difficulties and make changes. Her deep respect for others allows her to work collaboratively with clients to help them experience more success and satisfaction in their lives.

Leslie specializes in:

Dr. Connor in the News:

For more information call (302) 477-0708 ext. 2.

Former Alliance Network Members

Sharon Cooper, L.C.S.W., retired on February 28, 2017.

Cate McCarthy, Ph.D., relocated to Maryland.

Priscilla Putnam, Ph.D., retired in 2015.

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