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Eating Disorder Recovery Group

This ongoing therapy group is a valuable additional support for individuals engaged in individual counseling for treatment of an eating disorder. This weekly group is appropriate for adults (18 and older) who struggle with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or compulsive overeating.
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Breath, Meditation, and Mindfulness: A Powerful Approach to Stress Reduction

This stress reduction workshop teaches simple, effective ways to create and restore balance. Participants learn stress reduction practices including breath-work, relaxation, and meditation that promote calm, focus, resilience, health, and healing. This workshop is offered regularly to the public and can also be presented on site at companies and other organizations.
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The Basics of Mindfulness

In this two hour workshop participants learn about mindfulness and are also guided through the actual practice of mindfulness meditation and other exercises. Participants learn how to practice mindfulness at home and how to begin weaving this approach into daily life. Kris Bronson, Ph.D. facilitates this workshop regularly at Anahata Yoga and Wellness in Lederach, PA. Kris can also present this workshop at businesses and other organizations.
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Creating A New Career

An engaging, supportive small group workshop designed for women and men who want a more satisfying and rewarding career. Appropriate for mid-life career changers, empty nesters, those who are unemployed or facing unemployment, as well as people not satisfied in their current jobs.
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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Dr. Connor offers this workshop to help parents and teachers consider what Emotional Intelligence means to them and the children with whom they work. The workshop involves an interactive experience which puts "EQ" into everyday terms to help parents know how to promote it in daily family and school life. Helpful examples and audience involvement bring the concepts to life and offer an engaging and thought provoking experience for adults who care about raising resilient and resourceful children. For further information, please call Dr. Connor at 302-477-0708, ext. 2.

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